By Ronel Naidoo-
I am a young South African Indian woman who has been married for 12 years and have a wonderful family. I was born in the beautiful city of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, in the year 1984, and later on re-located to the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, in the year 2006, to start my career and family.

My passion for food came from many aspects and people in my life, mainly my late grandmother. Since a little girl, I have had a love and passion for food. I would spend most of my days in the kitchen with granny wanting to learn everything including keeping track of her recipes so that I would never forget them and even when she was no more I would still be able to prepare them just as she did for many years...From then until now I have gathered great information, knowledge, experience, creativity and a talent for cooking.

I wanted to create  cook books that would showcase many of my grandmother’s recipes so that everyone would be able to taste the delicious Indian foods I enjoyed throughout my childhood, and also still prepare in my home for my family and friends to this day. Everyone who has tasted my cooking or baking has surely enjoyed them enough to have asked for a recipe at some point, so after much thought and gathering of recipes, I finally decided to share them with the world.

Best Regards and Happy Cooking...

The Pocket 109 Cook Book is a Proudly South African Indian Inspired All In One Recipe Book, Containing 109 Delicious True South African Indian Recipes/dishes, Including, Food Tips, Food Tutorial Pictures, Colour food pictures that are not over styled creating a more realistic look to the prepared dish, Spice shopping list with ingredients required on a monthly basis to allow for easy shopping and ingredients used are widely known and available in most supermarkets and spice stores worldwide, Glossary, Measurements, Contents, Forward, Dedication, Words of Encouragement, Acknowledgments, Index, and a variety of food titled headings which sections off each food group, making the book easily accessible for readers.

This all in one Indian Cook Book was aimed at beginner cooks, experienced cooks, men and woman and food lovers around the world who wants to learn or is interested in cooking True South African Indian dishes. In this book readers can explore the many wonderful and easy to follow recipes from the first dish to the last, and wow their guests and family all year round, with recipes to suit every occasion. This Soft Cover Pocket first edition cook book makes it easy to carry around and prepare any of your favourite dishes on the go.

Some of the most mouth watering dishes included in the book are:  Chicken and poultry, Indian Curries, Seafood dishes, Mutton and lamb dishes, Vegetarian Dishes, Breads and Extras, Fillings for Samoosa/ Springroll/ Pastry, Marinades for Braaing/ Grilling/ Roasting/ Frying, Sauces, Salads and pickles, Baked Goodies and Sweet Treats.

PS. Keep a look out for the 2nd and 3rd Editions....COMING SOON!!!

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